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HTML Media - Pointers to Other Documents

Figure 8: The HTML Media Browser, WWWeasel's file selection box, and SGI's dirview desktop file browser both showing HTML media files.

The HTML Media type is used for adding links to other local HTML documents into the current document being written. Typically, such media would be other files in one's engineering notebook. When a HTML media file is selected in the media browser, summary information on the file is presented in the HTML Media Panel, including size, ownership, and last modification times. Two buttons provide operators on the current selection: ``Edit HTML Document'' will bring up a new WWWeasel window allowing viewing or editing of the given HTML document; the ``Show HTML Document in Mosaic'' button displays the current document in the Mosaic browser.

Figure 8 shows the HTML media panel with both WWWeasel's file selection box and the SGI Indigomagic desktop file browser ( dirview) from which the selected HTML document was dropped into the media browser or editor.

Niels P. Mayer